After Summer Hair Care

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With Summer winding down, as painful as it is to admit, we reflect on all the amazing memories we created, and are reminded by all that our hair has had to endure. From spending all our time in chlorine and salt water, hitting up Toronto’s Best Patios or dancing the night away at music festivals, or just lounging in the sun, it’s taken a toll in one way or another over the last few months leaving us with hair closer in texture to a brittle broom, left out in the sun.

It’s so important to give your hair that little boost to revive your ends to maintain healthy hair after all those sleepless, perfect weekends. So we’ve come up with the best hair care regime for you to treat yourself to!

Chances are you didn’t get to have a good hair wash during your three day dance sessions this summer, and the build up of Dry Texture that’s been your convenient travel buddy has your hair feeling less than desirable, you need to make up for lost time with some TLC by using TO112 Normal Shampoo. This will clean your scalp of excess dirt and oil build up, and is gentle enough it can be used everyday. Follow that with our collagen hair mask to restore damaged hair. If you’ve been tying your hair up this summer, you strands may be feeling a little stretched thin and brittle, this will improve the strength and elasticity.

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We pray you’ve been using a heat protecting cream while you’re out in the sun, and we encourage you to keep it up, if you haven’t been, no time like the present to start! We mentioned what sun damage can do to your prized mane before, using a UV ray heat protecting cream is the best thing you can do for your hair.

Trim your ends! You should already be maintaining a microdusting every 6-8 weeks to keep split ends under control. Every few months should be a decent 1-2 inches off your ends to give new life to your hair.

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Add in a Wellaplex conditioning treatment next time you book your hair appointment, this builds back the bonds in your hair by adding protein to strengthen. This is especially needed for those who chemically treat their hair.

Do not cheap out on your styling tools! Using a professional salon-grade Hot Tool does make a difference, and we’re obsessed with GHD Hot Tools. For detangling we use Tangle Teezer in-house and you should too, use this after you wash your hair every time to gently comb out any knots.

Pro Tip: For easily tangled hair, using a serum before shampooing coats the hair strands prior to cleansing; brush the serum through your hair, condition then rinse.

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Speaking of using hot tools for your hair, try giving your locks some time off from the heat. If you have no plans for the next day, let your hair air dry, or grab a t-shirt to wrap your hair instead of a towel.