All Aboard The Vino Train!

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Now this is a hair care tip that we can all abide by!

Listen up, wine…is good for your hair, or so they say.

It’s been unearthed that red wine can allegedly make your hair healthier, enriching and restoring dry follicles, who knew!

Celebrity stylist John Blaine, the man behind Dita Von Teese’s lush locks, says that the Polyphenols found in red wine are super beneficial to hair health.

They neutralize the oxidation of hair follicles protecting them from growth disruption.

So what’s the catch? The Polyphenols can’t be absorbed through drinking the wine…womp.

But, before you go bathing in a bath full of Cabernet Sauvignon, it’s important to note that Blaine goes on to say that the wine extract must be applied directly to the hair.

Unless you live on a vineyard coming across these extracts might be a bit tricky. Oh well, in the meantime, the more red wine you drink the more likely your hair is to absorb some of the Polyphenols….right? Right.

Cheers To National Wine Day!