An Insider’s Guide to Grammy Award-Winning Hair

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It’s award season which means celebrities are turning up all over social media looking glitzed and glammed while we’re still crawling out of our post-holiday-overindulgence guilt.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration when it comes to award worthy hair, whether you’ve got your own lavish events to attend, need a new date-night look, or you just want to feel fabulous while you binge the fourth season of Black Mirror on Netflix – look no further!

Our Master Stylist, Kelly Araujo, teamed up with make-up artist, Rebecca Pilozo and her covet-worthy Here To Slay Velour Lashes, to recreate some celeb-inspired looks we’re hoping to see at the 2018 Grammy Awards.

Classic Beach Wave


The beach wave is a simple look that has that effortlessly cool feel. This look, inspired by Madeline Brewer at the 2018 Critics Choice Awards, is edgy and anything but traditional.

To achieve this look…

Blow dry hair using TO112’s Hair Cream
Spritz hair with Dry Texture Spray before creating waves with a wand
Set this look using Finishing Spray

Pro-styling Tip: Spraying your hair from root to end with Texture Spray will help to recreate the fullness you feel in the hair after a day at the beach.

Messy Bun


Inspired by the Meghan Markle’s messy bun that’s been creating tabloid controversy (sigh), this look combines grace and style without a major time investment.

To achieve this look…

Use Dry Texture Spray at the roots and ends to refresh yesterday’s beach waves. “This creates the perfect texture and a little grip to keep a messy bun in place,” says Araujo.

Pro-styling Tip: This look is perfect for second day hair.

Modern Vintage Wave


Much like the red lip, vintage waves are a classic style that will always make your look red carpet ready. Inspired by Margot Robbie at the 2018 Golden Globes, these tumbling waves provide some serious volume while maintaining a polished look.

To achieve this look…

Blow dry hair using TO112’s Hair Cream and a drop of Serum – this combo creates frizz-free shine.
Arrange your hair into a simple set of pin curls by coiling your warm and freshly blow-dried hair up to the root and pinning in place.
Set pincurls using a Finishing Spray.
Gently brushing through the curls until they are smooth and move in a uniform pattern.

Pro-styling Tip: To brush out curls, spray a Denman brush with Strong Hold Spray.

High Textured Ponytail


If you forgot to wash your hair yesterday – no worries – this look also works best with second day hair! Inspired by Halle Berry’s smoldering look at the 2018 SAG Awards, we love the versatility of the high ponytail. This look makes transition from day to night simple.

To achieve this look…
This look works with either a sleek straight tail to waterfall down from the pony, or with a flouncy wavy tail. We like the carefree-polish of the wavy tail.
Put a little wave into hair BEFORE pulling it back into a pony.
Generously spray hair with Strong Hold Spray and secure the hair back with an elastic – this will keep flyaways at bay without creating a harsh slick back look.
Spritz and tousle the ponytail with Dry Texture Spray to create volume and a more undone look.

Pro-styling Tip: A single weft of hair extensions add a wow-factor to your ponytail. We popped in a pink set to add a little fun to this high-style pony.



Hair Colour:: Carolyn Mila @frankieglitz
Cut & Style:: Kelly Araujo @thehairgypsy
Make-Up & Model:: Rebecca Pilozo @rebeccapilozo using Here To Slay @velourlashesofficialcoming soon!