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From banana clips to gene-based skincare, these are the fall beauty trends to watch

90’s fashion is trending in full force this fall season. The return of classic 90’s cuts and hair accessories, such as  scrunchies and oversized barrettes, have us catching feelings of nostalgia.

Now, a not-so new hair accessory has begun to trend with supermodels like Bella Hadid readily jumping on the bandwagon.

During his F/W 18 fashion show in New York, Alexander Wang reintroduced the banana clip to the runway.

While the runway look is super polished, you can definitely integrate the banana clip into more casual attire. During an interview with The Globe And Mail, Medulla & Co Yorkville stylist (and 90’s style advocate), Sofia Ikonomi, says,

“To me, the main purpose is that you want to show your banana clip. If you want to just have a casual look with jeans, a T-shirt and a banana clip, you can buy a colourful one, like a little green or pink one, and be in fashion.”

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