Beer For Beautiful Hair: Fact or Fiction?

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ICYMI: It’s International Beer Day! Who doesn’t love an ice cold brewski on a hot, humid, gross, summer day? 🙋

If you’re looking for some long boring article about the history of beer, just move right along ‘cause we’re not the history buffs you think we are.

We want to let you in on a not-so-secret-secret. Popular belief is that beer can be good for your hair. Unfortunately no drinking of the divine nectar takes place when bathing your locks in booze.

Back in the day ladies and gents alike would brew their ‘do with beer! Seriously. Ask your mom, I bet she poured the odd beer on her hair to reap the lustrous shine and natural body. Is this just an old wives tale or are there actually some benefits to hoppy-hair?

Beer contains vitamin B, sugars, and tons of antioxidants which can give hair that glossy look. Other benefits of a boozy beer wash are said to include; added bounce and volume, lightening colour, and improving the overall health of your hair.

HOWEVER, before you go dumping a bottle of Molson over your head you should know that none of these claims are actually backed by science. Don’t expect to add beer to your hair regime and be whipping your locks around like Rapunzel.

If it actually worked that well don’t you think most salons would offer this service? Bad news, alcohol dries out your hair, leaving hair brittle, damaged, and at risk of breakage (yikes).

Your colourist will not be happy with you. You just spent $200 getting to your ideal blonde? Now you’ve poured beer on those strands and your colour is f@#ked, awesome. 

The verdict? Beer washes are a gimmick. Beer will not improve the look or feel of your hair and you could end up damaging your locks, especially if you’ve recently coloured your hair.

Stick to old fashion beer drinkin’ and invest in some products if you’re looking for lustrous, shiny hair.