The perfect excuse to keep a six pack in the shower?

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We’ve already debunked the myth of washing your hair with beer for more lustrous locks, but we never tried it ourselves. So just in time for St. Paddy’s Day we decided to test this theory out, for science of course…

At some point in history, someone came up with the idea that dousing your hair with beer is beneficial, and over the years it’s become debatable if this does give you the best hair ever.

Though we can’t find the source of this, we have found some books from the early 50’s that trend on beer rinsing.

Luis Pacheco vividly remembers from his childhood youth, a similar book his family owned in the 80’s. His aunt reading about this, would wash her hair with beer before going on dates and receiving compliments to no end.

So if this is true, then why hasn’t this caught on like wildfire?

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It’s a fact that beer is loaded with amazing nutrients such as B vitamins and protein from wheat and hops, and a great source of silica, the list continues. It would make sense to use this amber elixir on your prized mane, wouldn’t it?

There is also a growing trend of carbonated rinses, that it removes dead skin cells, product and chlorine build-up resulting in a happier, healthier scalp. Can beer be the answer to everything?

Whether this is just a more expensive way to wash your hair, we needed to try it.

I went with Pabst Blue Ribbon for this experiment, some say using a more traditional brew is best for maximizing nutrients from the ingredients, honestly, it’s a fav of my household.

After reading what the best way to tackle this is, I decided to continue washing with my TO112 shampoo, rinse with PBR then following up with my favorite conditioner.

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Day One:

It felt a little silly massaging beer into my hair, it was actually more awkward and uncomfortable than I thought it would be, so I gave up and let it sit for just over a minute.

Post shower, my hair’s feeling a little rough, I had to spray detangler on my ends prior to drying to make up for it.

But, my hair does feel bouncier, and seems to have more shine than usual. I wouldn’t say there’s too much of a difference though.

Day Two:

Getting the hang now of aiming the beer onto my hair and not my face, pouring from the can is easier than a glass, and highly recommended.

My hair feels just as coarse as yesterday, the only thing I really noticed is that after drying my hair, it feels extremely dehydrated. I naturally have straight hair and don’t have much frizz, but I’m noticing a lot of flyaways and static.

Day Three:

My hair feels flat and stringy, my follicles are almost weighed down against my head, ‘glued’ is a more accurate word. I also noticed by the end of the day my scalp felt pretty oily. Today was definitely a hat day.

Day Four:

I couldn’t stand to have another day of dry hair, I used a mask for extra nourishment. My ends are so thankful for it today. I also air-dried to see if there’s a difference, and hello volume! Too bad it’s only errands day today.

Day Five:

At this point I would like to stress how important it is to have the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. The beer is changing the texture of my ends and I have had to adjust a little to accommodate this. Luckily I don’t have colour in my hair, otherwise it would cause serious breakage.

Day Six:

TBH, I’m hating my hair today, so I had it up in a slick ponytail during the morning. When I took my hair tie out, there was a permanent bend in my hair that normally isn’t there afterwards. My hair was stiff all over, and I’m seriously unimpressed.

Day Seven:

Hallelujah! Today is the last day I have to dump beer on my head! As the week progressed, my scalp was becoming oily quicker and my ends dry and brittle. I used Dry Texture spray to combat the oil building up, and Hair Cream for my ends. I am not sad about the end of this experiment.


This was a very trying week for me, and my hair. I’ll be spending the weekend doing some much needed hair TLC.

Overall, I barely noticed a difference in terms of shine and volume. The biggest thing was my hair texture changing to dry and coarse, something I’m not used to and found difficult to manage. I’m glad this is over, and I don’t have to smell like a frat party anymore.

I used my TO112 products to help add moisture and maintain the integrity of my hair during this week. And because I felt my ends are more fragile and my scalp more sensitive, I also used a detangling brush to help gently comb out my hair.

This old wives tale is just that, a tale. We do not recommend doing this to your hair, beer is for drinking and not for hair treatments.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day xo