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I hate doing my hair, but I want to look polished

It’s a blowout world, baby. There’s no shame in relying on a professional when it comes to styling your hair. As Toronto Star journalist, Kathryn Hudson, says,

“Would you expect your hairstylist to be able to edit a magazine? Or a Navy Seal to do your hair and correct your punctuation?”

Certainly not.

As the holidays creep up on us there’s no better time to book your blowout whether you’re attending galas, dinners, or you just want to rock up to your gal pal’s with a killer ‘do.

Our mane man, Luis Pacheco, says,

“When I started out at [society hairdresser] Robert Gage’s salon in Yorkville in the ’90s, we used to call the women who came in for a blow-dry every second day ‘the rich and shampooless. But, in this day and age, we have whole businesses that are geared toward the blow-dry. They are accessible!”

Read more from Luis‘ interview with Kathryn:

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Practically speaking, getting a weekly blowout on a soldier’s salary can be tough. But you hate doing your own hair and I would guess that there are many other expenditures in your budget that you don’t feel as passionately about. “We have an entire team dedicated to the blow-dry at our salons,” adds Pacheco. “They’re more affordable than lead stylists and, for that client who has a standing appointment, you can purchase a package.”

To keep your blow-dry going strong without compromising the health of your hair, don’t rely on dry shampoo, cautions Pacheco: “We should keep the scalp clean and breathing.”

Instead, avoid touching your hair too much (which makes it greasy), use a silk pillowcase and wear your hair in a high ponytail at night.