BTS With NATVA Panel Judge – Luis Pacheco

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The hair industry is reeling in the glory of the 2018 North American TrendVision Awards.

Bearing the heat in Las Vegas, Nevada; colourists, stylists and dualists competed for a spot at the Global TrendVision Awards taking place later this year in Lisbon.

We sat down with our very own celebrity colourist and only Canadian NATVA judge, Luis Pacheco, as he told us what he’s looking for in the next TrendVision winner.


“I’m looking to get lost in their vision and the story their trying to tell us through the colour, the cut, the clothes, everything. I’m going for a mood, how am I feeling when I look at their creation?”


As a first time judge, Pacheco looks forward to the head-to-toe creations that take his craft and our industry to a whole new level. While a master of natural tones and subtle colour himself, Pacheco confessed that it’s so much fun to see how contestants push the limits of what hair and colour can do.  Admittedly, Pacheco is dreaming of a competition based on creating the most natural colour – hint, hint Wella Education!


Take a look at some of the inspirational work that swept the 2018 NATVA’s

So what’s next for the Toronto based Medulla & Co founder? Pacheco says that he’s in the process of testing out some new products for his brand TO112. Passionate about his products Pacheco admits that he is his own guinea pig when it comes to testing products. Without giving too much away he says he wants to create something that will “emulate what really happens to your hair when you spend a day at the beach.”