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Bad hair day on Valentine’s Day? Cupid can get lost with that nonsense. We’ve got the perfect trick to turn that lived in hairdo into

ReBlog from To112: Bearded or Be-Stubbled, Movember is Calling

Step away from the sink and put down your razor. This is important. November is here and that can only mean one thing: beard. As

Pool-Side Glamour State of Mind

Vogue says that Cara Delevingne is reinventing the rules of the shoulder-length haircut, but it’s celebs like Heidi Klum and Margot Robbie who are schooling

Festival Hair: 2.0 Top Knots

Official proof that braids and clip-in baubles aren’t required at festivals, double top knots are popping up on the music scene faster than we can

Festival Face Painting: Some Mad Makeup Skills are Fuelling Our New Obsession

When you think face painting, you think carnival clown. Maybe even Stephen King’s It. You know what we’re talking about. Still, wouldn’t it be fun

Festival Hair 2.0: Spunky Spray-on Shapes with Blogger Carly Brown

Just as Leonardo da Vinci has the Mona Lisa and Beyoncé has Lemonade, we at Medulla & Co. have an equally masterful lineup of festival

Festival Hair 2.0: Toronto Blogger Nelia Belkova Goes Femme Fatale

3-day pass? Check. Flash Tattoos? Check. Dry shampoo? Check! You don’t need to ask us twice – we’ve got our packing lists for Wayhome primed and poised

Festival Hair 2.0: Top-Knot Trending with Blogger Christina Cravero

As the temperature continues to climb and music festival season swells to a crescendo, mastering the hair trifecta of function, style, and the elusive aura

Festival Hair 2.0: Toronto Blogger Blondie Locks Gets Dreamy Pastel Waves

What’s better than getting the inside scoop on the latest and greatest hairstyles from your favourite salon on Queen Street? How about our Medulla &

Festival Hair 2.0: Toronto Blogger Dainty Girl Gets Knotty with a Colourful Top Knot

What’s better than getting the inside scoop on the latest and greatest hairstyles from your favourite Toronto salon? How about our Medulla & Co. hairstylists