Colour Tip Of The Month: Maintaining Your Ombre

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The answer is yes; ombre hair is still on trend although we never really deemed it one! Whether you’re headed for a more severe vs blended look, or you’re already rockin’ it, Hair On The Avenue colourist Jazmin Lorenzoni is here to dish on how to keep your ombre hair in tip top shape!

“Ombre is still a popular request among my clients.  When done subtly, it is a beautiful way to introduce natural-looking colour ; locks look ‘sun-kissed’  on blondes, brunettes and redheads. The greatest thing about ombre (and the one thing most ladies love) is it requires less maintenance; excluding the roots, an ombre touch up is only needed every 6 to 8 weeks, keeping your hair and wallet pretty happy“.

BUT to keep your ombre hair looking healthy and flawless, Jazmin suggests a gloss, “A gloss every 6 weeks will revive your hair’s shine and keep your ombre’d  ends looking fresh and never dull!”


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