Debunking DIY Hair Care

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At home treatments are great. It’s in the comfort of your home, friends’ playing on Netflix, you have your favorite sweats on, face mask is on, your skin is soaking up that coconut butter. All you need is that lustrous hair mask to #treatyourself.

Just like stories you’ve heard from a friend of a friend, there are some pretty odd tales floating around of food you can find in your fridge and pantry that can miraculously fix your hair troubles if you mash it up in a bowl and call it a mask. 

It’s great to be conscious of what ingredients are in your products, you always want to make sure that what you’re using isn’t actually doing more harm than good. And we’re all for natural ingredients, but there’s a limit to how organic you should go. We’re here to prove that the “Mayo Mask”, “Egg yolk and Yogurt treatment” and “Avocado Honey Mask” is really just a waste of good food. 

Mayonnaise Hair Mask for shiny hair: This is one of those old wives tales that no doubt your grandma will swear worked wonders on her hair back in the day. Even Queen of Gorgeous Shining Locks Blake Lively pays homage to this DIY treatment. You put the condiment all over your hair and leave on anywhere from 15-30 minutes, then you wash it out as normal.

Why we disagree with this: Mayo is a heavy oil based cream. Putting this in your hair may add some shine to your locks if you can stomach the smell, but ultimately this weighs down your hair, leaving it looking and feeling oily. 

We recommend TO112 Hair Serum. This serum is the perfect end to your hair ritual. Cleanse, condition and console with this lightweight formula for ultimate shine and a smooth finish.

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Yogurt & Egg Yolk to promote hair growth: There are claims that dairy is great to make your hair grow faster, the protein will strengthen your hair shaft and seal those split ends. While that delicious egg yolk helps your hair resist any further damage, the combination sounds like a dream team right? 

Why this technically wouldn’t work: Before you head to the dairy section, the protein and vitamins that would come from the ingredients in this treatment would only work if you left it in your hair for hours, every day, for it to absorb. Leaving this in your hair for a few minutes once a week wouldn’t do anything before having to wash it out. 

TO112 Hair Mask for Damaged Hair is a premium collagen mask infused with tamanu and argan oils that boost shine. Keratin additives strengthen your locks while promoting hair growth.

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Avocado & Honey Mask for soft hair: I’ll take avocado in my sushi, on my toast and if I’m feeling extra health conscious, in my smoothie. As a hair mask, it’s right up there with slapping some mayo on your head. Pouring honey onto your strands and leaving it there for 20+ minutes seems like a modern day torture. The honey is meant to seal in moisture, but if you’ve resorted to putting food on your head, chances are this is going to make your hair problems worse.

Instead, use Hair Cream. This will nourish and soothe hair while providing 8 hair benefits: anti breakage, heat protection, moisture, shine, uv protection, smoothing, light hold and strength.

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