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We have and will forever strive to reduce our carbon footprint, from being a part of Green Circle Salons to creating our Refill Station, and now, using Ecoheads at our hair washing basins! 

Did you know that with Ecoheads, we now use 65% LESS, that’s about 390 liters of water per day, per basin, that’s a huge deal. The showerhead is made from 100% recycled plastic and is itself fully recyclable. 

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Ecoheads salon showerheads are eco-friendly, professional-grade and designed specifically for hair salons. The special filtration system ionizes the water and removes sediment, which is common in Toronto water, leaving the hair cleaner and healthier. Not to mention the Soft Tourmaline stones that produce softer water through negative ions, which helps give you that extra shiny soft hair, reintroducing moisture to dry and damaged hair.