Express Botox

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If you haven’t heard about Hair Botox, the greatest hair treatment, we suggest a quick catch up. Not enough time to read all about it? Here’s the deal:

Hair Botox is a permanent deep conditioning treatment that relaxes and smooths those annoying frizzy flyaways while sealing split ends. It’s ideal for those who thermally or chemically treat their hair or have naturally dry, fragile hair. Botox seals and fills any broken bonds, making your ends feel fuller and more lustrous. This treatment takes anywhere between 3-5 hours and can last 3-6 months depending on how well you take care of your hair. 

Now let us introduce to you, Express Botox:

Express Botox, provides all the same benefits of the full treatment, by nourishing and hydrating your curls, giving them that extra bounce, and keeps your natural volume- that’s right, it won’t flatten your hair. The difference between the full treatment to the express is that with the full treatment it is flat ironed straight into your hair, whereas the express is simply dried into your ends. 

There is no need to even book a consultation, this treatment is available to all hair types and is only one hour long, not including a blowout with your preferred stylist.

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