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Unless you have been stranded on a desert island and missed the Super Bowl, style icon J.Lo’s Halftime performance is just about all anyone can talk about. That gorgeous flowing mane of hers as she danced around on stage. *Swoons*

Forever inspiring us all from her golden balayage to her award show updo’s and now the length and fullness of her hair. We aspire to help give you the hair you love to live in, but how do we give you immediate results for inches of longer hair, thicker volume?

Jacques-Claude isn’t just a pretty face that can give you jaw-dropping blowouts, he’s a seasoned extensions specialist who has had his work grace magazine spreads, reality TV shows, and has even lent a helping hand to celebrities getting their hair ready for the red carpet. And now he is now offering Babe & Great Lengths tape in extensions for those who crave hair like J.Lo’s or is just looking for length and/or fullness in general. Maybe you have severe hair breakage and want to mask it, or like all of us at some point, just for a change of look. Whatever your reason may be, he’s the man with the plan to help you in any of your hair needs. 

As seen below, the client has breakage from mid-length through her ends from excessive heat styling. She wanted to add all-over volume AND fullness across the ends, while filling in gaps from the breakage in her hair. She got a healthy trim and didn’t have to sacrifice any length complete with a virtually perfect colour match!

Her J.Lo dreams realized!

Image @medullacoqueenwest Instagram

Great Length tape in extensions are ethically sourced and offer a temporary and reusable application option, without compromising the integrity of the hair. Using non-toxic, hypoallergenic adhesive for a safe and damage-free removal. With a vast selection of beautiful glossy natural tones, making it easier to colour match your natural hair to extensions, offering something for everyone. 

Image @great_lengths Instagram

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