Fall/Winter 2012 Colour Report

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Every season bids new change; Hair on the Avenue rounds up Fall/Winter 2012 biggest trends in colour.

Dark, rich hues make a triumphant appearance turning the most devout blondes towards a new, daring direction. Illuminating chestnut highlights are the mane attraction; injecting depth and dimension, these light catchers steal the show- proving themselves as a luscious accompaniment to shadowy shades.

Browns Dark, deep and warm; cocoa colours are a standalone statement while chestnut and copper combinations flush shady hues.

From Runway

(Left: Rag & Bone F/W 2012, Right: Chloe Daywear F/W 2012)

To Real-Way: Jennifer Lawrence & Jessica Biel

Blondes Blondes undergo seasonal change; layers of toffee and maple blend to borderline brunette. Loose texture is a seamless accompaniment to soft gradation. 
From Runway
(Left: Chloe Daywear F/W 2012 Center: Donna Karan F/W 2012 Right: Balenciaga F/W 2012 )
To Real-Way: Elizabeth Olsen

Oppositely, icy blondes are a sharp statement

From Runway

(Preen F/W 2012)

To Real-Way: Miley Cyrus

Reds Inflamed reds turn carroty. Rust and copper tones take center stage, firing up falling temperatures. Amplified, tonal reds reign over vibrancy, mimicking hues gifted by nature.

(Left: Celine F/W 2012, Center: Christian Siriano F/W 2012, Right: Carven F/W 2012)

To Real-Way: Christina Hendricks