Fall/Winter 2013: The Beast Within: DIY Look 1

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A 4-step guide to achieving Look 1, ‘The Romantic Part’,  from Hair on the Avenue‘s Fall/Winter 2013 creative project, The Beast Within

STEP 1 Part hair. With a medium sized curling iron, curl hair (starting on the side the hair is parted). Work your way to the opposite side and make sure all curls face the same direction.

STEP 2 As you curl;  be sure to set each section with two spring setting clips. Allow to cool in clips for 10 minutes and remove.

STEP 3 Using a Denman brush, brush out curls until you achieve the desired texture. Be patient as this step may take some time. *When brushing out the curls, spray Denman brush with hairspray to keep hair together.

STEP 4 Set with hair spray

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