Fashion Magazine Summer 2012: Bare It All with Rita Kaptur

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It wasn’t long ago superstar waxer Rita Kaptur received accolades for her fuzz-free forte. In the Summer 2012 issue of Fashion Magazine, Miss Kaptur makes an encore appearance delving into the sacred relationship between waxers and the ladies who Bare It All. Disclaimer: Click at your own risk gentlemen!

Brazilian or Bikini, there’s no denying you trust your waxer like you trust your best girl; she’s seen it all and even through those painful times, you know she’s got your back (and front too). And like an honest man, when you find a wondrous wax whiz you just know she’s a keeper.  Us ladies are devoted to our near and dear gardeners who keep our flowers perfectly manicured, why? Because as Rita delicately puts it “People aren’t going to spread their legs for just anybody”. These relationships really are about “comfort and trust” as Rita says and every woman can agree these lady gems often double as therapists behind closed doors.

For a full look at the article, please see the gallery below.

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