Festival Hair 2.0: Toronto Blogger Blondie Locks Gets Dreamy Pastel Waves

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What’s better than getting the inside scoop on the latest and greatest hairstyles from your favourite salon on Queen Street? How about our Medulla & Co. Toronto hairstylists partnering with some of your favorite bloggers, Instagrammers and street style stars all in the name of the greater (style) good? For this powerhouse collaboration, we paired our talented colourist Saina with Kaylee Giffin, better known as @theblondielocks to her 18,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram. Having this much hawtness in one room is almost too much. Almost.



You may have stumbled across Kaylee’s blog The Blondielocks. If you haven’t, do it now. Seriously. Covering everything from fashion to food, home decor and day-to-day tips and tricks, this lifestyle blog should be one of your go-tos. Looking at Kaylee’s Instagram is like stepping into a dream of what you want your life to look like—complete with perfect lighting. It’s as dreamy as a Victorian romance novel, but with better food and fewer puffed sleeves. Everything about Kaylee is the perfect mix of classic style and contemporary edge. Even the beer she drinks in this story seems luxurious (Maibock from the local Toronto brewery Junction Craft Brewing, just FYI). For these reasons, Saina (from our Yorkville salon) thought Kaylee would be a perfect fit for dreamy pastel waves.


Pretty pinks, luscious lavenders and baby blues; pastels are the thing. And why wouldn’t they be? These heavenly hues give off a fun, feminine vibe and considering the endless amount of soft shades available, chances are there’s a pastel out there to complement just about anyone. Not to mention, aside from looking irresistibly awesome, these muted tones are just the thing to indulge your childhood fantasies of mythical unicorns and mermaids.


Adding a pop of pastel to your tresses is easier than you think. Thanks to the beauty of pre-dyed extensions, you can get all the pastel you want without the undesirable side effects of actually dying your hair (read all about our extensions here). Or get a custom colour set from one of our colour savants! On Kaylee, Saina used this pretty pastel pink (custom created by Queen West’s @frankieglitz), but the possibilities are endless. Pre-dyed extensions cut down on damage, limit fading and ensure you don’t have to worry about the time intensive process of getting exactly the colour you want (our brunette and darker haired beauties know this struggle). Want to steal this look for yourself? Saina shares her tips and tricks for perfect pastels below.

The Process:

  • Gather your supplies
  • Wash and blow dry your hair using a round brush. You want to make sure your hair is completely dried, paying extra attention to your roots to add volume.
  • Add hair extensions to your hair.
  • Wave hair using your 1 ¼ barrel iron to help extensions blend and give your hair a beachy feel perfect for summer.
  • Style how you please. For Kaylee, Saina created two look beyond the basic beachy waves. If you want to achieve the perfect pastel pony, simply tie your hair back in a loose low ponytail, tie, and decorate with any piece of statement jewelry that will clip into your hair. For pastel pigtails, part your hair in the centre and braid each side into a fishtail braid (bet you’re glad you have your elastics now!). Slightly pull apart each braid for a more effortless look.


The Products:

A 1¼ inch barrel iron

A texturizing spray

Pre-coloured, 100% human hair extensions

Depending on which way you choose to style this look you may also need a couple of hair elastics and a decorative piece of jewelry to clip into your hair

For a perfect prep, we suggest starting off by washing with TO112’s shampoo and conditioner. Aside from its awesome nourishing benefits, all of TO112’s haircare products have been treated with the potent sound frequency, 528 hertz, known as the frequency of love. You’ll literally be giving off good vibes all day.

Pro Tips:
To get a perfectly smooth blowout, Saina suggests adding a few drops of TO112 Serum to add a healthy shine and banish frizz. When it comes to extensions we know you only want the best, so we use our 100% human hair extensions for a natural look and feel.

Stay tuned for more from our blogger series. We’ll be featuring your favourite bloggers, Insta-stars and style gurus alongside our hairstyling team to create the hottest new looks you won’t want to miss.

Style Notes:
Kaylee is featured wearing the Gilbert Dress by MendocinoSo dreamy and SO perfect for steamy festival partying.

Makeup: Rebecca Pillozo

Hair style: Saina, Medulla & Co, Yorkville

Hair colour: Carolyn, Medulla & Co, Queen West

Styling: Mendocino