Festival Hairstyles to Channel Your Inner Boho Goddess

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Whether you’re headed out east to Osheaga or keeping it local with Dreams or VELD, you’re in for a good time – guaranteed.

If you’re still looking for some major festival hairstyle inspo – we’ve got you covered. From vivid colours, to braids, and accessories, festivals are the best time to experiment with your style.

Buckle up you dancing queen, you’re gonna have the best hair of the festival season!

Pastel Purple Braided Half Updo

Braids are a failsafe festival look. 1. They look intricately stunning and 2. they keep your hair out of your face so that you can get down on the D-floor.

Adding fun colours is a super simple way to mix up a braided look. Slay girl, slay.

Baby Braids & Space Buns

Space buns have become an iconic hairstyle for festival-goers. They look super funky and when braids are incorporated you’ll never need to worry about your hair getting in your face as you party the day (and night) away.

70’s Style Head Scarf With Big, Boho Waves

Beach waves give off that relaxed festival look. A 70’s head scarf is the perfect festival accessory to stand out from the crowd.

Pro-styling Tip: Post styling, spray your hair from the roots to ends with Texture Spray to help achieve maximum fullness and texture.