Get The Look in 2 Minutes: Must Have Valentine’s Day Hairstyle

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Bad hair day on Valentine’s Day? Cupid can get lost with that nonsense. We’ve got the perfect trick to turn that lived in hairdo into a sleek, sexy evening look. Whether you’ve got a hot date, casual dinner plans, or a galentines extravaganza, you’re gonna love this look – and it can even be done on (gasp) unwashed hair!

A simple look with brushed out, second-day waves and a flirty braid is as intriguing as it is effortless.

This look was originally created by Master Stylist, Kelly Araujo, on our favourite Breakfast Television co-host, Dina Pugliese.

Step 1: Create a deep part on the favourite side of your head. Take a section of hair and divide it horizontally into 3 parts – this is going to be the beginning of your braid.

Step 2: Begin braiding underneath the middle section, that way you’ll create a dutch braid. Grab about a 1 inch piece of hair from above the braid and join it to the top section. Continue the braid but be sure to only add hair to the top section, not the bottom section.

Step 3: Grab another 1 inch section of hair from above the braid and continue this pattern, being sure to direct your braid horizontally to the back of your head.

Step 4: Repeat until you have reached the back of your ear. Pin the braid underneath your hair so the ends are hidden.

Step 5: Brush out second-day waves using a Denman brush. Use some dry texture spray at the roots, tousle, and you’re done!

Pro-Styling Tip: Gently pull each braid loop apart and flatten it to give your braids a fuller appearance.

There you have it, the easiest and classiest dang hairstyle you’ve ever pulled off! So get up, go out and rock it – Cupid will never know what hit him.

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Medulla & Co.

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