Going Red

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There’s no denying Red is at the forefront of hair colour this season…

Hollywood starlets Dianna Agron and Rachel McAdams are among the few that have recently joined red veterans Julianne Moore and Amy Adams. “This Spring, hair colour altogether mimics natural  hues.  Many prominent ladies donned ginger and copper-inspired tones this past award season and as a result, we are definitely seeing Red make a huge comeback,” notes Luis Pacheco, head colourist at Hair on the Avenue.  His personal favourite? Jessica Chastain. “Her colour choice is so fresh and on point that it truly sets her apart from the other starlets in Hollywood.

Luis’ 2 cues if you’re contemplating firing up your colour:

1.) The Starting Point: It is easier to go red from brown as browns have underlying pigments which help to maintain and hold colour. These tones (oranges and reds) are absent from blonde and as a result, need to be artificially induced. Artificial pigments fade and therefore blondes that colour red have this tendency and often turn into an unflattering pink or salmon tone.

2.) Personalize your Pigment: Individual skin tone should always depict shade choice, regardless of hair colour. As a general rule, cool skin tones (with blue or pink undertones) should stick to cool reds such as strawberry blonde or a bright copper. Alternatively, warmer skin tones (with yellow undertones) should opt for rich colours such as auburn and chestnut variations. If you are uncertain, look to the veins in your forearm in natural light; if they appear blue, you have cool undertones and if they appear green, you have warm.

Will you be going red for Spring?