Ombre Fever

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Trend alert…this is not a TREND!!!

Ok, so it seems that lately everyone and their assistant is sporting the ‘OMBRE’.  And that’s great because I happen to LOVE this look and have so for many years. So why do I LOVE it so very much?  Well,  it’s soft and sexy, yet it exudes a certain innocence reminiscent of a young girl!  And as a professional colourist, these attributes are everything I look for in a haircolour. 

When examining natural haircolour, you will find that hair is always darker at the roots and naturally fades to a lighter tone towards the ends.  This is what we (colourists) try or might I say, should re-create. 

But while I have your attention, please let it be known that the ‘ombre’ technique not only looks good on darker hair but also looks incredibly precious and sweet on reds and blondes as well.  In fact, that’s when (in my opinion) it looks the BEST!

Colour:  Luis Pacheco (bottom three)

Style: Anthony Ingraldi, Lindsay Goodman, Tony Pham (bottom three, respectively)