Hair smoothing treatment

The Ultimate Hair Treatment

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You wake up, maybe you accidentally, on purpose hit, snooze a few times too many, now you have to decide, have a proper breakfast or look like a runway model? The amount of styling tools and brushes balanced precariously along your bathroom counter is a hazard zone. But wait, you just got your Hair Botox treatment done and now, say goodbye to your flat iron and all that tedious time dedicated to having smooth hair!

Cut down on blow drying by half the time, and never worry about humidity, amazing right? The hair gods have done something truly wonderful here, and OMG we have never been more excited for this.

Hair Botox relaxes and smooths away frizz sealing those split ends. Not only that, this treatment helps your ends feel more full and lustrous by filling in any broken bonds from excessive heat and chemical damage. This is also suitable for naturally dry, fragile hair.

Located in the Yorkville location, all the way up on the third floor, is where Keratin Specialist Nikki takes her appointments. This is the only salon in the GTA that offers this treatment. The vibe is relaxed and easy, which is perfect since you’ll be here for a few hours, so bring a snack. The average length of time you might expect to be here is anywhere from 2.5 to 4 hours, depending on your hair, and ranges in price from $300-$450, based on your consultation.

What is Hair Botox exactly?

It’s a permanent deep conditioning treatment to help those with chemical and thermal damaged ends. It infuses hair with active ingredients like Collagen, Shea butter, and Olaplex with a flat iron, sealing it into the hair cuticles. Where as Keratin is heavier on the hair, weighing it down to control that natural frizz, Botox does not remove your natural curl.

How do you prep for your appointment?

If you colour your hair, it’s best to do this prior to your appointment, or two weeks after. If you opt for prior, this can be done on the same day. This treatment will not change your colour so rest assured!

Although the appointment starts with a wash using a clarifying shampoo try to arrive with hair free of any products.

How do you take care at home?

After your treatment we send you home with the complimentary shampoo, as recommended by Nikki, to use afterwards. If you have your own preferences you’re more than welcome to use that so long as it’s:

  • Sodium-Chloride free
  • Sodium Sulfate free
  • Paraben free

Any conditioner or mask is fine to use as long as they don’t contain the previously mentioned ingredients. Avoid getting your hair damp, and no hair ties for two days afterwards. If you do happen to get your hair wet or a kink develops from the use of a hair tie, dry and flat iron the area of hair ASAP. Avoid saltwater or chlorine for 2 weeks post treatment!

This treatment can last up to 3-4 months depending on how well you take care afterwards.

You may feel like this could be a one time thing, or maybe you want to do this twice a year during summer and vacation time. One thing to keep in mind if this is a bi-annual treatment for you, is that the period in between is when your hair becomes more vulnerable to damage.

Maintain your aftercare inbetween treatments, this will keep the integrity of your ends from future breakage.