Hair Dusting 101: Micro-Dusting

By on April 13, 2018, in Hair Dusting, Micro-dusting

When getting your ends cleaned up, you’ve probably asked for a trim when chances are what you really wanted was a dust.

Hair dusting is the key to maintaining healthy hair in between cuts. Essentially, your stylist will take the bare minimum off the ends – less than a quarter inch. This is super beneficial if you’re trying to keep as much length as possible.


Images courtesy of: @sainasarafian

Medulla & Co. stylist and extension specialist, Saina, schools us on yet another hair dusting technique called “micro-dusting”. Practiced by few due to its extreme preciseness, micro-dusting is done on very small sections hair.

Saina explains…

“Micro-dusting is done on clean, dry hair. I take the small sections of hair and ribbon them around my finger so the split ends pop out and then I trim them.”

Is micro-dusting for you?

If you have a love for colouring hair locks, use heated styling tools on the regs, or have any split ends at all- this service is for you. Do you have roots coming in but still feel like your hair isn’t any longer? That’s because split ends break off before they can get there, causing more damage to the hair shaft.

How often should this technique be done?

Depending on the condition of your hair, micro-dusting can be done every 3-4 weeks up every 8 weeks.

“If this is done too aggressively the stylist can cause more split ends and more damage. Micro-dusting has to be done very carefully, ensuring that only the split ends are being cut.” – Saina

Dubbing micro-dusting a “miracle worker,” Saina has seen many of her clients grow healthy hair quickly – even those who swear their hair never grows!

The shine and smoothness you can achieve through micro-dusting is amazing!

Pro-tip: Between dustings, sleep on a silk or satin pillow case. Apply some nourishing serum and you’ve got the perfect recipe for healthy, happy hair!