Hair on the Avenue: The Seed

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A new perspective on an otherwise minuscule component of Hair on the Avenue‘s work…

Shedding light on Hair on the Avenue’s latest creative endeavour, The Seed, founder Luis Pacheco delves into a layered explanation beginning with the most straightforward of points, “Clients frequently express their love of a simple hair wash and I believe this humble component of our services is worthy of more consciousness. Across many cultures, water carries significant meaning, offering purification, cleansing and pardon.  There is a metaphysical force to be reckoned with“.

He continues, “I stumbled across the work of Dr. Emoto who’s research exhibits the effects of human consciousness on water and it’s ability to retain both negative and positive information. Positive intentions have a beautifying effect on water structure, whereas exposure to negativity works oppositely. My objective was to draw attention toward and embody the power of water. Water is after all, an integral part of the human body and a unsuspecting large part of our services“.

This short, abstract film unveils the cathartic experience of a man going into prayer. Through prayer and cleansing he transforms himself into the divine.

Inspired by Masaru Emoto, Creative Direction by Luis Pacheco, Film and Edit by Peter Tamlin, Grooming by Robert Weir, Starring Ethan of B&M Models