The Unique Styling’s of Hair on the Avenue for FW11 Hair Trends

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If there’s one thing the team at Hair on the Avenue knows is that there is no such thing as one-trend-fits-all, particularly when it comes to style conscious women expressing themselves through fabulous hair. Anthony Ingraldi and Luis Pacheco of Hair on the Avenue predict lots of attitude and strong emotion dominating five hot hair trends for FW11.

“The last two seasons had a real laissez-faire attitude in the styling,” says Anthony Ingraldi, co-owner and lead stylist at Hair on the Avenue. “This season has a really transformative style with an almost mischievous attitude,” he adds.



The boldest look of the season is cut short to the neck and smooth around the face. This is a very severe look, it is polished and structured and defined by hard lines.

“It’s very powerful,” says Ingraldi, “and not for the faint of heart because it requires a precise short cut, though one that can transition into many other looks as it grows out.”






The Royals inspired a flash fascinator trend, but style leaders want more than the norm and two-tone hair, whether natural or additional, is the new fascinator.

“If you shy away from two-tone permanence you can had a hair piece, like a faux-fringe, and blend the lengths that frame the face up into a really textured and untidy modern beehive,” says Tony Pham, Hair on the Avenue stylist and lover of all things fashion.





This season is breaking away from symmetry and the shattered wispy bob is the perfect transitional style as the cut can be worn many ways.

“The style is soft and sensual, bringing back that old school beauty parlor look, but with modern day movement,” says team stylist Lior Asuline of the style that can be achieved by brushing out a roller- or brush-set loose wave.





Old-school 40s rock meets 80s Tiffany-style crimp in a fresh new style that can be worn with jeans or a ball gown.

“This is one of my favourite looks of the season: it’s very textured where the hair is crimped and swept up into an almost-pompadour” says Ingraldi. “It’s full of swagger and oozing attitude, but still really visually soft and feminine,” he adds.





The textured transition of this look lends itself to multiple hair types and can be work on various hair lengths. Think Splash with a fierce attitude.

“The top is sleek and gelled into place to look almost wet,” says Lindsay Goodman, stylist and mermaid creator. “The length of the hair is crimped or tightly curled at the ear, and brushed out to give a halo effect around the shoulders,” explains Goodman of the style that is a little unkempt so it can be achieved by both novice do-it-yourselfers and more experienced self-stylers.





Colour is experiencing a phoenix-like transition and moving out of the ashes for Fall/Winter ’11.

“Tones like blackened prunes, mahoganies and rose shades are warming up the looks for fall,” says Luis Pacheco, Founder and colour guru at Hair on the Avenue. He predicts women are going to move into the more statement side of hair colour and play with bolder looks. These are Pacheco’s calls for trend-leading colours:



Hints of these deep plums and night blues add dimension to the dark browns and near blacks that have resided on the cooler side of the spectrum for the past two seasons. 


Blondes are leaving ash territory and entering a rose gold field with almost pink undertones throughout. “It’s not strawberry blonde, the rose is deeper than that and giving the colour an ethereal feel to it,” explains Pacheco. 


Reds have a honey amber colour to them this season, leaving the copper-blue tones of true red that dominated the last three seasons.