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The world of communication and creativity has reached new heights with artists of all kinds inspiring one another and providing various platforms to showcase their work.  It was this new creative age that inspired Luis Pacheco of Hair on the Avenue to partner with video artists, visual artists and his team of creative hair stylists including business partner Anthony Ingraldi to launch hAiRT, the salon’s first joint art installation presenting holiday trends.

The three minute film, titled Hazel, was shot and directed by Peter Tamlin to showcase the dark and seductive side of Fall/Winter11 hair trends.  Art directed by Pacheco to portray the epiphany, rebirth and new beginnings of a woman who breaks free from the social pressures that have confined her and morphs into the strong woman she knows she is.

“It’s that Britney moment,” explains Pacheco of the emotional currents driving the film. “This season is really about fierce attitude and strong women and I loved the idea of giving a hair style a persona and exploring how the look takes shape,” he adds.

“We called the look Industrial Sleek” says Anthony Ingraldi of the bold short cut short developed throughout the film.  “It’s very powerful.  It’s severe and polished and structured and defined by hard lines.


Watch the film: