Heat Wave Hair: Hot Weather Hairstyles to Keep You Cool

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You’re time-strapped, overworked and the sound of ‘ten minutes or less’ is like music to your ears. The ponytail has notoriously been your standard go-to as the humidity rises. You totally want to shake things up. Sound just like you? Hair On The Avenue stylist Matthew Ingraldi knows just the cure for your heat wave hair.

1.) Beachy Keen: Twist n’ Shout (if you please):  To damp hair, apply a leave-in conditioner or shine spray from mid root to ends and twirl small sections. The choice is yours; sleep on it or defuse (blow dryer set to medium heat and airflow) until hair is 3/4 dry. Flip hair over, scrunch and go!

2.) For Work: Bun-It: Gather hair into a sleek ponytail at the top of your head and tease (tail) lightly. Loosely twist and wrap hair around the ponytail base, adding bobby pins to secure the bun along the way. Mask flyaways with an oil and/or styling cream  for an ultra smooth look.

3.) Lazy Days: Can-do-updo: Create a center part with a comb. Loosely twist 2 small sections of hair (at each temple) towards the back of your head, adding hair as you go along. Secure each twist with bobby pins.  Gather hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck. Create a textured chignon pinning strands near to the ponytail base. Smooth and finish with styling cream or wax.


Image: People.com