Hottest Summer Hair Trends

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It’s that time of year! We’ve stored away those awful winter coats, we’ve replaced our morning go-to with cold brew coffee from that cute little cafe down the street, and we’re soaking up that vitamin D.

Summer is anything but low-key. We dedicate a years’ worth of time to making the perfect bucket list of all the wild and memorable things we want to try in those few sunny, hot months. With all your time spent hopping from music festivals to trendy patios to poolside to beaches, who can take the time to have the perfect hairstyle last in this heat? Luckily, summer of 2019 is all about the lived-in, no care, natural hair look. So all you Boho girls, it’s your time to shine!

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Senior Stylist Chris of Yorkville predicts this summer we’ll be seeing a lot more naturally textured hair walking down the street. With a nod to the 90’s, styles like the Topsy ponytail, the half up, half down, or the loose chignon in lieu of the standard ponytail, are making its way back into our summer rotation. Speaking of the classic ponytail, we’re also noticing the rise of silk scarves and cute scrunchies as an added accessory to give you that pop of colour, making you look cooler than you actually feel in 40 degree heat.

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Junior Colourist Michael of Yorkville says that the neon colours will continue to hold our attention, and with Pantone’s Colour of the Year being Living Coral we can expect more tones of corals and pinks blending in with your blonde highlights, for a not-so-drastic but still pretty big change. And although we love the subtle hues of pastel, we have our eye on the natural tones of golden honey that add dimension and warmth to any hair colour.

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And last, but not least, the haircut that compliments these easy going, undemanding styles. Master Stylist Kelly of Queen West says the blunt bob isn’t going away anytime soon. This versatile cut, with lengths varying from jawline down to collarbone are ideal with some textured beach waves for a cute but casual style.

Not looking to chop of your Rapunzel locks? No worries, a chunky side braid is a classic look to keep you cool this summer.

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Want To Get The Look? Here’s How!

We recommend using a Dry Texture spray to make the look. Spray 2-3 inches away from roots, down to ends after using hot tools to add texture.

Or for a more sleek style, wear straight and slicked back at the root using a serum for a wet look, finishing with some Strong Hold hairspray to stay in place.

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Pro Tip From Master Stylist Kelly:

Before using hot tools, spray each section of hair with Anti-Humectant spray to seal in product, and keep moisture out, making your curls last longer!