How-To: Give Your Sunburn Some T-L-C

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Maybe you forgot to lather on your sunscreen while you basted in the sunshine. Or maybe you decided to forgo the good stuff  altogether for one of your last chances to get your glow-on. Whatever the case may be, do away with your lobster look with these handy tips from Hair On The Avenue.

Head to the Cabinet: Non-prescription medications such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen can help to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Re-hydrate: Aloe vera not only soothes skin, but rehydrates  it as well. 100% pure is the way to go; formulas with alcohol increase dryness and peeling. Take a cool shower (to reduce swelling and body temperature), pat yourself dry and apply immediately. Be sure to fill up on that good old H2O as well!

Avoid it! We all know how important it is to arm yourself with SPF; if you know you’ll be soaking up the summer sun, be sure to plan ahead and reapply as directed.

Sunburns can cause long -term damage to the skin, from pigmentation to wrinkles-yuck! So if you’re looking to turn back time (à la Cher), HOTA medical esthetician Rita Kaptur suggests a hydroquinone creme- a lightening agent which will help to brighten sun spots as a result of over-exposure. Chemical peels deliver a like result but are best left for the end of Summer as they leave skin sensitive and in need of some SPF lovin’ (for a short time only!)