Keep Your Hair Looking Happy

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We all know a healthy, well-balanced diet benefits our bodies internally, but did you know deficiencies in important vitamins can affect the appearance of your hair? Hair On The Avenue colourist Kelly Betty shares her secrets to manetaining bodacious locks!

Let it be known: “Your hair is the first indicator of your body’s overall health”, notes K.B. “Thyroid problems, eating disorders and even heart problems all manifest in your hair”. However, where general maintenance is concerned, there are a few essential vitamins you can seek to get those tresses in tip top shape.

First-place Prize goes to… Silica! “Silica is the building block of collagen and keratin, contributing to not only healthy hair, but also nails and skin” advises Kelly Betty. “Silica supplements are the most effective way to keep hair feeling strong and looking lively”.

V-I-T-A-M-I-N-S: Childhood flashbacks of those dreaded encounters with broccoli may resonate now more than ever. Like it or not, the green goblin is a natural source of both Vitamins A and C which essentially help to hydrate hair, promote regrowth and strength. Vitamin B and Iron will also keep your mane b-eautiful and iron-strong. When looking to mother nature for a little boost, opt for dark green vegetables- they are the wealthiest in vitamins among ’em all!

The F-word isn’t SO Bad: And by that we mean fat. “Omega 3 fats keep hair shinier, healthier, promote re-growth and strength” boasts Kelly Betty. And there are many ways to get the good stuff: fish (and fish oils), flaxseed oil and again, dark leafy greens!

If your concern is breakage (mainly at the back of the head), Kelly suggests investing in a silk pillowcase: ” Breakage of this kind is likely due to the way you sleep; most people sleep on the back of their heads and when tossing and turning, hair gets caught (in the cotton case) and breaks. Professional topical treatments and a shampoo/conditioner routine such as Kerastase’s Bain de Force will help to alleviate the damage as well”. Alternatively, sleeping with a silk scarf over the head will produce the same result.

Now you got the tools to keep your hair looking happy!

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