Medulla & Co. x Maison et Objet, Paris 2014

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Last month, Luis and Glenna (and Anwar and Adrian) made their way to Maison et Objet, a trade fair that takes place during Paris Design Week, a unique experience to discover the ‘unexpected’.

One of our personal favourites, Tom Dixon, won designer of the year at M&O (major congratulations!). Tom Dixon is a British design brand with a commitment to innovation, and creates incredible, luxurious items for everyday use;

Tom Dixon Toronto Hair Salon Tom Dixon

Such as this exquisite brass tea-set, and our much loved element candles that intertwine perfectly with our concept, inspired by the medieval alchemist and eastern philosopher’s quest to reduce all matter to four simple elements. (Tom Dixon Element Candles available in our Shop, $140 each)

Tom Dixon Tea Set Toronto Hair Salon Tom Dixon Elements Earth Air Fire Water Queen West Hair Salon

Another incredible designer that was stumbled upon; and will be coming to our shop relatively soon is Private 0204– their 100% cashmere scarves are “one-of-a-kind”, woven in rare vintage looms from the 50’s in Italy – designed in Copenhagen. 

Private 0204 Toronto Hair Salon  Private 0204 Toronto Queen West Hair Salon Scarf

Bumped and mingled with another favourite on the way, Danish design company applicata – Which featured their stunning wooden blossom candle-sticks (featured in bright, rambunctious colours – $85 – 95 in our Shop).

Applicata Toronto Hair Salon Queen West Applicata Candle Stick Toronto Queen West Hair Salon

Khmissa, a Moroccan design company based in Munich, produces exceptionally crafted glassware, with ethnic patterns and bright, vibrant colours.

Seletti, founded in Italy in 1964,  is the design work of the brother-and-sister team Stefano and Miria Seletti. Seletti’s work is an exceptional example of Italian creativity, and it’s continued to release innovative designs for well over 30 years – an example, their ‘Hybrid’ plates.

Khmissa Glassware Toronto Queen West Hair Salon Seletti Toronto Hair Salon Queen West

ClausPorto, a Portugese brand that carries a remarkable historical past – Under the motto “Preserve the past. Hearten the present. Challenge the future”, ClausPorto produces fine quality soaps, that are 100% vegetal, preserving a vintage aspect.

Claus Porto Toronto Queen West Yorkville Hair Salon Soap Claus Porto Toronto Yorkville Queen West Hair Salon Soap

And there we have it, a summary of Medulla & Co.’s shenanigans at Maison et Objet! Stay tuned for more retail and hair updates, previews and sneak peeks.

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