New Year, New Hair

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A New Year, a New You. As January 1st arrives, we begin to reflect on the past year and our current habits. We shed ourselves of our past misgivings, embarrassing moments, failed attempts at headstands and focus on a resolution to make ourselves an even better person. The first of the year allows us to wipe our slate clean for a fresh start.

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This year, set realistic goals that get you on a productive and healthy track. Changes that are manageable and easy, so you don’t feel like wanting to give up. Maybe you want to hit the gym twice a week or eat out less, take that class you’ve been eyeing, maybe you want to start a beauty care regime to make yourself feel good.

Make 2020 the best year for your hair, avoid some bad hair habits and start making time for a little Hair TLC.

No doubt you play with your hair, it’s human nature, we’re not judging. Constantly playing with your locks removes moisture from your ends leaving them prone to breakage. A weekly hair mask is the epitome of hair care. TO112 Hair Mask is a premium collagen mask infused with argan and tamanu oils for added shine and moisture, and keratin additives to strengthen your locks. 

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For amazing results leave in hair for 3-5 minutes then rinse. A little goes a very long way.

Hot Tools. We challenge you to a No Heat challenge in January for 7 days. Excessive use of styling tools causes split ends and breakage. Embrace and enhance your natural texture using the right hair products for you. 

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Not sure you can live without sleek frizz-free hair? Hair Botox is a curly-haired girl’s dream!  Lasting 4-6 months this smoothing treatment allows your hair to repair itself with ingredients like shea butter and keratin additives, smoothing away those frizzy strands so you don’t have to.

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New Year, New You definitely starts with a New ‘Do. A great haircut doesn’t have to involve using more than two products every day, or complicated hot tools to make your hair move in a commercial perfect but unnatural way to look good. Schedule hair appointments frequently to keep on top of split ends. This will help your hair grow longer, stronger.

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Hair health starts from the inside. Eating a healthy balanced diet and taking proper supplements will boost dull hair. Iron deficiency has been scientifically linked to hair loss in women so be sure to get enough of it in your diet.

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