ORLY Nail Polish Now @MedullaCoYorkville

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Girl, it’s time to get your nails did!

The state of your nails portrays an image. And the chipped-I-just-came-from-the-trailer-park just isn’t a good look. The quest for long lasting nail polish that won’t leave your nails shredded seems like an endless crusade. Well, Rita (our resident esthetician) has got your back… err, your hands. She’s brought you Orly with it’s almost otherworldly offering of polishes to get your glam on. BUT unique to Orly is the Breathable Polish collection with new advanced oxygen technology to let your nails breathe. It’s two part action is the ideal solution for busted nails – particularly entering this Holiday season. It’s nourishing treatments heal the nail and the advanced oxygen technology allows the polish to breath for longer lasting wear. Plus, it’s easy on the nails, not like gel or shellac applications which leave your nails wanting a little TLC. Check out this vid from Orly! It says it all.

Then call 416.922.0112 to get yourself booked in with Rita for a nail makeover – STAT!