Blogger Crush: Sarah Mian

We are swooning over Sarah Main’s dark locks, effortlessly chic style and beauty tricks+tips, it’s easy to see why she (and her blog ‘Legally Brunette‘)

Simply, thank you!

” a lot of good love can happen in ten years” – Jim Carrey A decade ago Luis Pacheco opened Hair on the Avenue. From

Breakfast Television + Medulla & Co

If you’ve ever caught Breakfast Television with Dina Pugliese, not only are you a Morning person (we envy you!) but you’ve seen the Medulla &

Esthetic Tip of the Month: Why Facials?

Like an apple a day we’re all well aware that a devoted skin care regime is important to maintaining a healthy, youthful glow– but why?

Adidas + Tessa Virtue + Medulla & Co

A new season often brings with it a desire for change and ultimately some self-reflection. Who doesn’t love this quote from Madonna? “No matter who

Amazing Toronto Salon Colour: Blondes

Two of Toronto’s leading Hair Salons, Medulla & Co Queen West and Medulla & Co Yorkville, have the reputation for creating extraordinary hair colour for

Weddingbells Magazine Series: Look Seven

(Previous Looks One Two Three Four Five Six ) Braid Crown This non-crown look is ideal for the bride who loves braids. Her crown is all

Weddingbells Magazine Series: Look Six

The Vintage Flower Crown Floral crowns have been a popular bridal accessory for number of seasons now, dominating social accounts like Pinterest. Using the vintage

Weddingbells Magazine Series: Look Five

Previous Looks One Two Three Four   Boho Beach Waves with Floral Inspired Headband Crown This look is simple, effortless, and whimsical. Perfect for the

Weddingbells Magazine Series: Look Four

Previous Looks: One  Two  Three   Bridal Fishtail Braid with Headband Crown   The side swept fishtail braid is the perfect way to keep your