Your Colour Consultation

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A thing (or 3) about colour consultations

Your colour consultation is your opportunity to communicate what you really want. To ensure the best possible experience ‘in the chair‘ consider the following top 3 tips

1.) We like photos… a lot! Bring along photographs of the colour you desire- photos are the best way to communicate the look you hope to achieve. On that note, shy away from filtered photos; simply put, they’re filtered.

2.) Know your hair, be realistic: Hair’s natural texture, colour and overall health are game changers. Avoid the worst case scenario and be transparent about treatments/processes your hair has recently undergone.

3.) Trust in your colourist: There are factors that might not be so apparent, but are nevertheless crucial in the decision-making process; for instance, skin tone and maintenance expectations. The colourist always has your best interest at heart, trust in his/her expertise and remain open to suggestions.

Good Luck!