Romantically Tousled

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To some, Valentine’s day is a commercial holiday, to others, it’s the most heartfelt day of the year. There’s already so much pressure put on you over what presents will show how much you love your SO (a heartshaped box of chocolate-covered strawberries absolutely will not do), figuring out what you want to wear, your makeup, let alone your hairstyle. You don’t want it to look like you’ve spent hours perfecting every curl but not wanting to seem like you haven’t put any effort in either. You want the perfect balance of effortlessly done, undone curls.

Whether you have plans with a significant other, or a night out for Galentine’s or just celebrating you with some red wine and a luxurious face mask, we have head-over-heels, turn-you-into a hopeless romantic, DIY romantically tousled curls that will make even the most Valentine’s cynic love love.

  • After washing and towel drying your hair, prep your hair with Curl Mousse. Use a golf-sized amount and scrunch into your hair mid-length to ends. Dry your hair smooth with volume using a round brush.
Image Medulla & Co
  • Section and clip your hair, curl your individual sections with alternating directions using a 1” flat iron. Face framing pieces should always be turned away from your face.
Image Medulla & Co
  • Once you’ve curled all of your hair, use your Dry Texture and spray liberally. Run your fingers through your hair, breaking up the pieces.
  • If you feel like having more tousle to your curl, with a boar bristle brush, or teasing comb, gently backcomb a few pieces for added texture.
  • For a soft, polished finish use one pump of Serum, warm in palms of hands and run through the ends of your hair. And you’re good to go!

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤