Scents We Love: Byredo Parfum

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Byredo, a swedish fragrance house, is making its mark in the industry; its emotionally-driven scents and unique creative processes are truly rare. And because Hair On The Avenue adores all things beauty, we decided it would only be suitable to introduce the perfume brand that occupies a part of our hearts.

Founded by Canadian-raised Ben Gorham, the highly lusted perfume label began with a wax melter, Gorham’s affinity to scent, and a production line on his kitchen table ” I made these candles and I’d give them to people.  It was more about evoking emotion, a test, I’d ask people ‘what do you think ?’ ‘What does this smell like to you ?’ I started putting together a little map of how I felt people were reasoning when it came to fragrance and then I made five perfumes which took about a year and a half.”.

In partnership with perfumers Olivia Giacobetti and Jerome Epinette, Ben designed his first unisex colognes to mimic vivid memories, most notably from his childhood- his father’s distinct scent of ‘green beans’ and the essence of a trip to his mother’s hometown in India, to name a few.

From its humble beginnings the brand has grown significantly;  Byredo’s product offering has expanded into body care and home fragrance and its single standalone store (in Stockholm, Sweden), is now supported by both independent retailers and the world’s leading department stores in 22 countries- Canada’s luxury retailer, Holt Renfrew, being one of them.

To visit Byredo‘s website, please click here. To learn more about Byredo, click here.