The Art of Hair Painting

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Hair on the  Avenue explores the next best thing to come after ombre; the art of hair painting

Ladies of the Victoria Secret runway, celebrities and trendsetters have been sporting the look for quite some time. Gisele‘s luscious locks make her the unspoken poster girl; but ‘what’ is it and how do you get it?

Hair painting is as it sounds- a free-hand colouring technique used to achieve fresh-from-the-sun highlights. Those strands that naturally catch light are selected and coloured for a result that is more organic and less contrived. “Consider it the cousin to ombre“, advises HOTA head colourist, Luis Pacheco. “With ombre we see a natural degradation of dark to light; this technique is more unique to the individual: the way the hair moves, the shape of the head. It’s beauty lies in its simplicity, its subtly.

The big catch: it’s totally low maintenance. Serving only as an accent to your base colour, there are no patterns or ‘rules’ to follow (just the well-seasoned, artful eye of the colourist). It works best on  darker bases of honey/gold blondes, chestnut browns and copper reds– warm-hued bases. To those longing for their summer-sun tresses,  consider it a great transitional colour to work at before and into the spring.