The SPF Debate: Why You Might Reconsider Using Sunscreen

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Summer has reached its midpoint here in Toronto and while you might be proud of that bronzed-out look you’ve worked ever so hard to achieve, you might reconsider how you engage with what’s left of the summer sun.

We all know the inevitable, time spent in the sun without SPF leads to sunburn and sunburn leads to damage, ” Excessive sun exposure pigments and induces wrinkles, accelerating the aging process”, says HOTA Medical Esthetician, Rita Kaptur. So while you may think that honey glow makes you look years younger, in the long-term not so much! However, applying sunscreen doesn’t mean that you have to forgo your beloved bronzed look as Rita adds, “you will still tan while wearing SPF, think of it as protecting yourself more than anything”. PHEW!

So while you’re on your quest to switch up your summer beauty routine, remember:

1.) An easy way to get your fix is to wear a moisturizer that contains SPF. No more excuses- you can cross two hurdles with one leap with a hybrid product.

2.) Twice is always nice… or more! If you plan on enjoying the great outdoors, be sure to reapply frequently. Even the most heavy duty waterproof formulas fade with time. Stay protected and follow your sunscreens’ labelled instructions.

3.) Even the most porcelain skin can achieve a JLo glow with a self-tanning lotion such as St.Tropez. And for the streak-weary, HOTA esthetician, Ravinder Sharda had added St.Tropez application to her list of services (for further inquiries, please call 416.922.0112).

4.) Increasing your intake of certain foods can help to eliminate your chances of sunburn and remedy damage.  Eicosapentaenoic acid found in cold water fish (such as salmon) helps feign off burning, while leafy greens as well as red fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants which too prevent sunburn, aging and skin deterioration. Lastly, go-to vitamin C will boost skin’s collagen and soothe inflammation cause by sunburns.