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Vogue names West Queen West as World’s second coolest neighbourhood

… And we think that’s pretty awesome.

Queen West Hair Salon Vogue
Vogue Magazine published an online article last month stating that our very own West Queen West is the number two coolest neighbourhood in the world (read the full article here) – it’s the perfect motivator to continue being as interestingas possible in this wondrous world of boutiques, coffee-shops, yoga studios, Terroni (yum), bookstores and so much more. We’d like to walk you through the Medulla & Co. shop –  starting with three of our personal favourites:
Tom Dixon is a Britishdesign brand created by Tom Dixon himself – each piece boasts luxurious quality has been crafted beautifully – with a commitment to innovation, Tom Dixonproduces incredible objects for everyday use – such as this exquisite tea set, as well as his scented candles that capture the travelling, trading and nostalgic past of British life. 
Coqui Coqui Perfumeria; based inTulum, Mexico – these incredible scents have managed to capture the elements of the sea. We are very excited to be the first in Toronto to carry this incredible line of fragrances, and our personal favourites include ‘tabaco’ and‘coco-coco’.
Grace EunMi Lee’sCeramic Creatures – this super talented and artistic Toronto local uses forms inspired by micro-organisms, she enjoys emphasizing the importance of individuality and the collective entity. She has put a twist to the traditional salt & pepper shaker – rather than the salt pouring from the top, it’s poured from the eyes of the skull.
More information on the Medulla & Co. shop? Please contact 416.869.0809 or e-mail info@medullaco.com