Your Festival Hair Guide

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Festival Season has arrived! And if you’re looking to add some inspiration to your mood-board for festival season, we’ve got you covered. Between braids, buns, neon colours to boho natural, or the adventurous ‘I’ll-try-anything-once’, there’s something for everyone.

Of course music festivals are about well, music. But there’s just something about them that brings out that little fashion model in us, all those outfits we plan to perfection from head to toe. Summer is the best time to experiment going a little wild with your look, and the very best time to do that is at a music festival where really anything goes. Where you may not be so keen on trying in the real world this is where you can test your boundaries.

Flower crowns are cute and all, and without fail, you will see them make an appearance as you walk through the crowds or as you scroll through Instagram, but it’s 2019 so let’s step up the game a little and ditch those pretty petals and get to some double-tap worthy hair!

Image @beautybycinta Instagram

Rainbow hair: when we think festival, we think streaks of rainbow coloured hair. This is the best and easiest way to accessorize your locks without having to worry about it.

Image @beautybycinta Instagram

The Iconic Space Buns: A great way to look ultra cute and keep hair out of your face, switch it up by incorporating braids to make it your own style.

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Braided Bunch: Thanks to Kim K, we are here for boxer braids, which is perfect for day 2 hair when you’ve been dancing the night away and can’t be bothered to wash your hair. 

Pro Tip: spray in Dry Texture so you’ll get the best beach waves when you take your braids out on day 3

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Au Natural: Finally something you don’t have to do a darn thing about. This Summer has been officially-unofficially dubbed the lived-in, no-care hair look and it’s probably the best thing we can do during the summer heat. Enhance your natural texture with TO112 Hair Cream and Serum and gently tease hair to give you that extra volume.