Ah, Halloween – the season of spookiness, candy, and let's not forget, epic costumes! It's time to unleash our creativity and transform ourselves into characters that haunt everyone's dreams. But wait, have you started preparing for your perfect spooky costume?

Halloween requires more than just grabbing a random outfit and throwing on some face paint. The art of curating a truly unforgettable costume takes time, effort, and a sprinkle of anticipation.

If you have Halloween plans, whether attending a party, trick-or-treating with your kids, or simply giving the little monsters in your neighbourhood their candy, your next-level makeup is going to need some spectacular hair to go with it.

Hair plays a pivotal role in perfecting Halloween costumes. Before you go and look like you resemble a science experiment gone wrong (unless you're dressed as a mad scientist!) while doing the Monster Mash, here are some tips and tricks colourist Luis Pacheco shares the do’s and don’ts to create festive hairstyles without waking up looking like Frankenstein's monster the next day!

Do Practice Your Hairstyle Beforehand:

A few days before is the perfect time to create your hairstyle for the big night and practice achieving that look. There’s nothing worse than having a glamorous vision of how you will look, only to run out of time, and resort to MacGyver-ing your hair together. 

It's important to remember that less is more when it comes to using products, applying heat and colouring—all of which can potentially damage your hair.

Do Use A Heat Protector:

Chances are, the look you're aiming for this Halloween will require some heat styling to create curls, crimps, volume, or style. Considering the wear and tear your hair will undergo to achieve that spooky Halloween look, it's essential to prioritize protecting your hair before subjecting it to hot tools. We recommend Oribe Balm D’or Heat Shield is a superlight, nourishing styler that provides extreme heat protection while sealing in sleekness and radiant shine.

Don’t Use Coloured Hairspray:

Coloured hairspray has often been seen as a convenient solution for temporary hair colour that can be washed out quickly unlike permanent box dye. However, Luis Pacheco cautions that it is actually one of the most detrimental products you can apply to your hair strands.

“Acetone is often the main ingredient in most of the costume or dollar store hair colour sprays. If you’ve had any chemical smoothing treatments, keratin treatments, or have hair extensions, do not use a spray with acetone. It’ll break up the keratin and undo your beautiful hair investment. Read your labels!”

Don’t Use Temporary Hair Dyes:

It may say three to five washes on the back of the bottle, but realistically, it could be closer to three to five months. These colours are staining and can often penetrate the cuticle layer, so if you have highly porous hair (chemically processed or coloured, even natural textured hair), it will be more easily stained, and you’ll have to invest in clarifying shampoos or salon treatments to get it out.

Don’t Use Glue In Your Hair:

Avoid using super glues or any type of glue on your hair. Instead, consider using a homemade sugar-water spray as an alternative. Simply dissolve sugar in water, gradually adding sugar until it can no longer dissolve, and has a watery paste-like consistency. This mixture will provide a super firm, glass-like finish for styling your costume. When dry, it can create a slick, glassy look, and its tackiness enables you to hold extreme shapes.

Do A Hair Treatment:

As you demand more from your hair through teasing, heating, and styling, it's equally crucial to provide more attention and care to maintain its health. Before you even think of hopping in the shower, use TO112 Anti-Breakage Detangling Spray to ease those knots out with a wide tooth comb. Don’t forget to use a hair mask to restore the moisture in your hair. TO112 Mega Moisture Mask penetrates deeply into your hair’s cortex to provide intense hydration.