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A stray lock of hair catching the light just right might reveal an entire spectrum within its waves—a beauty often concealed by heat tools and styling products. Wavy hair, with its s-shaped curves, can oscillate between two worlds: not quite straight, but also not quite curly.

For those navigating the nuanced waves of wavy hair, air drying emerges as not just a styling choice but a smart, strategic move in the quest for effortless, healthy locks. Wavy hair, with its charming fluctuations demands a unique approach that honors its texture without the need for excessive heat or manipulation. The art of air drying this unique hair type is not just about simplicity and avoiding heat damage; it's an invitation to embrace your waves in their most authentic form.

What Makes Hair Wavy?

Wavy hair is an enigmatic form, characterized by its gentle undulating curves that softly emerge along the hair shaft, creating a texture that's enigmatic and universally admired. The loose, S-shaped curves are the hallmark of wavy hair, offering a versatility from almost straight tresses, to pronounced, beachy waves that hint at the full-bodied potential of curlier types that is envied by those with other hair types.

Positioned on the hair texture spectrum between straight and curly, wavy hair embodies the best of both worlds. It lacks the uniform sleekness of perfectly straight locks, which can sometimes appear lacklustre without styling effort. Simultaneously, it is free from the intensive care and styling challenges often associated with very curly hair, which requires meticulous attention to moisture and can be prone to tangling and frizz.

What Products Are Best For Wavy Hair?

The spectrum of hair types, with its myriad of textures, porosities, and curl patterns, operates much like a complex ecosystem, where balance and understanding are key. Each hair type not only boasts its unique charm but also comes with its own set of needs and demands for proper maintenance and styling.

Products for wavy hair should maintain a balance between hydration and hold, all the while ensuring that the product doesn't suppress the hair's natural volume or texture. Experimentation plays a crucial role in determining the right amount of product for your hair. Start with a smaller amount and adjust accordingly based on how your hair responds. Pay attention to how your hair looks and feels after air-drying – if it feels weighed down or greasy, you may have applied too much product, whereas if it appears frizzy or dry, you might need to use a bit more.

How To Air Dry Wavy Hair

  1. After washing and conditioning your hair, detangle as you normally would using a detangling spray to prevent pulling, and breakage.
  2. On damp hair, add your base stylers. If your hair is on the drier side, this would be something moisturizing, if you have finer hair with a slight bending wave, volume spray will not weigh your hair down.
  3. For those with a tighter wave, to enhance that bend in your hair, you can section your hair and twist your hair and scrunch in a enhancing styler that has a bit more hold for a more tousled look.

Pro Tip  Avoid touching your hair as it’s drying, especially the root area, wavy hair is similar to curly hair in the way of frizz.