What if we told you we can cut your blow drying time by half, that you never have to worry about humidity and can swim in every ocean, pool, cottage lake you want? Would you believe us if we said you can have manageable, soft hair after an afternoon with us? 

Hair Botox smooths away the frizz and seals those split ends. Not only that, this treatment helps your ends feel more full and lustrous by filling in any broken bonds from excessive heat and chemical damage. This is also suitable for naturally dry, fragile hair, but especially beneficial for over processed hair. 

And just like Botox, Keratin can help with eliminating frizz and making hair feel fuller, and healthier, it also straightened your hair by relaxing your natural curly texture.

Our smoothing treatment specialist Nikki is the only one in the city who offers Hair Botox. She provides you with her opinion on which service is more beneficial to your needs after an in-person consultation.