Do you feel the cosmic energy shifting? Brace yourself, because Autumn is here, and with it, a new zodiac season is upon us - the season of the meticulous and methodical Virgo. A perfect opportunity to embrace the undeniable influence of Virgo on this year's hair trends. But the traits of a Virgo go beyond mere professionalism. These celestial beings possess an unrivalled organizational prowess that puts Marie Kondo to shame.

We’re wrapping up Leo’s fiery party season and moving on to precision, impeccable attention to detail, and orderly vibes that Virgos are known for, that has inspired us for the golden season. We’re all about sharp edges, sleek and flawless hair.

Scroll down for the mane looks of the season.

Blunt Bobs

One of the most popular haircuts embraced by Virgos and perfect for the upcoming season is the blunt bob. This sleek and polished style not only embodies Virgo's pursuit of flawlessness but also highlights its professional and business-oriented mindset. The blunt bob is a bold choice, radiating confidence and determination. What could be a more perfect haircut for a Virgo than a blunt bob? A perfectionist can’t even fault this cut.

Precision Cuts

For those who prefer a slightly longer length, precision haircuts are the way to go. These hairstyles, characterized by clean lines and immaculate symmetry, are a testament to the Virgo's meticulous nature. Whether it's a one-length medium cut or an A-line lob, precision haircuts perfectly frame the face, showcasing a sweet and endearing demeanour.

Keratin Sleek Hair

Straight hair and center parts are another Virgo-inspired trend that will make a statement this season. Virgos appreciate simplicity and precision, and straight hair embodies these traits flawlessly. Center parts create a balanced and symmetrical look, enhancing your facial features and showcasing your personality with every stride. With sleek and smooth locks, you'll exude an air of professionalism and elegance, reflecting Virgo's practical mindset. Embrace the beauty of simplicity and let your keratin-straight hair shine this autumn.

Straight Across Bangs

One of the trendiest hair choices influenced by Virgo traits this autumn is blunt bangs. These bold and confident fringe styles perfectly capture the essence of a Virgo's meticulous nature. Whether you opt for a classic full set of blunt bangs or a stylish curtain fringe, this hairstyle will instantly upgrade your look, adding a touch of sophistication and precision.

Subtle Layering

Subtle layers are another hairstyle inspired by Virgo's attention to detail. These delicate, strategically placed layers add depth and movement to your hair, creating a natural and effortless look. Virgos appreciate sophistication and practicality, and subtle layers offer just that. They provide texture and dimension without overpowering your overall appearance, reflecting the harmonious balance that Virgos seek in all aspects of life.

Rich Brunette Hues

When it comes to hair colour, rich brunette shades are a go-to choice for autumn. Classy and understated, these colours perfectly complement Virgo's practical and down-to-earth persona. With their desire for order and structure, Virgos will appreciate the timeless elegance and versatility that rich brunette colours bring to their overall look.

Embrace the influence of the Virgo and step into the new season with a hairstyle that reflects your inner perfectionist.