Not all smoothing treatments work the same. Each treatment has its own amazing benefits, and can give you different results, depending on what you're looking for. Our Smoothing Treatment Specialist, Noa, breaks down the nitty gritty on our newest smoothing treatment, Nanoplastia.

What is Nanoplastia?

Known as a hair healer, Nanoplastia is an all-natural, rejuvenating hair repair treatment. The highly-concentrated formula is packed with collagen, apricot oil, amino + tanino acids, peptides, and hyaluronic acid that repair from the inside out.

Formaldehyde- and ammonia-free, this is perfect for pregnant, and breastfeeding women looking for an alternative to smoothing treatments.

Not only does it do the same work as Keratin to give you softer, shinier, more manageable hair, it also prevents future breakage by filling and repairing the cracks deep in the capillaries of the hair shaft. This allows your hair to build the bonds again, making hair stronger. Nanoplastia nourishes the cortex of the hair, to restore damage throughout the hair.

While not a straightening treatment, Nanoplastia does have straightening effects of up to 70% and can improve overall hair appearance and integrity.

Nanoplastia smoothing treatment for long hair

How do you choose between Keratin and Nanoplastia?

Keratin, Hair Botox, and Nanoplastia are all labeled as “smoothing treatments” but it should be known that this is true to varying degrees, all treatments are heat sealed into hair, and lasts anywhere from 2-6 months, depending on your lifestyle. 

Keratin is considered a straightening treatment that eliminates frizz, and straightens your natural texture. Hair Botox is very similar to Keratin, the difference being that it doesn’t straighten completely, only relaxes your natural curl. Nanoplastia is free of all harsh chemicals, designed to repair and make all hair types more manageable.

Keratin smoothing treatment for short highlighted hair

Who can benefit from Nanoplastia?

Because of its natural ingredients, Nanoplastia is suitable for all hair types, especially ideal for hair types that are fine to medium in porosity. Those with dry or brittle hair, looking to have more manageable hair can benefit from this treatment as well. It is safe for pregnant and/or breastfeeding mothers as well as children age 12 and up.

Nanoplastia for long hair

How does it work?

Our Smoothing Treatment Specialist applies the Nanoplastia to your hair and allows it to work its magic. After that, the solution is sealed into the hair with a flat iron, this treatment must be heat sealed in, and finished with a drop of serum for some added shine!