We can all agree that whoever was the first to make Dry Shampoo was kind of a genius. That second-day hair refreshed with a touch of dry shampoo for some extra volume and grit can sometimes feel and look better than day one of fluffy clean hair.

Yes, dry shampoo saves you between workouts and work days, but did you know that it’s only meant to be used sparingly?

Stylist using Dry Texture Spray

Because of its recent rise in popularity and long-term use, dry shampoo has been linked to causing damage to the scalp and hair. Dry shampoo by all means is not new, but the rise in poor scalp health is. Recent studies have shown using dry shampoo leads to scalp and hair damage in the long run. Clogged follicles, brittle hair, and hair loss are some of the concerns dry shampoo users are experiencing with long-term use.

Oil and dirt build up at the root of your hair every day, and there are just some days that you can’t be bothered to wash and style your hair. So it makes sense to use dry shampoo in between to stretch out those hair washing days right? Dry shampoo isn’t shampoo in the sense that it will scrub and wash away the build-up, its purpose is to absorb the oil with active ingredients such as alcohol or starch. But then the product sits on your scalp, smothering your follicles.

Overuse, or prolonged periods between washes allow a layer of product left behind to suffocate the scalp, clog follicles and can potentially lead to bacterial or fungal infections.

When the follicle is compromised by inflammation or infection, any new hair growth will not be secured firmly at the root, which can result in the new growth falling out, or becoming weak and susceptible to breakage. This can be particularly frustrating if you’re trying to grow out your hair, enjoy heat styling or like to experiment with hair colours!

Woman with fresh blonde balayage

If you’re one of the millions of people who use dry shampoo, you may have noticed that it leaves your hair with a dull, patchy-looking finish.

If dry shampoo is an absolute must-have in your beauty arsenal, reach for the Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo. With ingredients like Myrrh Extract to fortify damaged hair, Lavender & Chamomile to hydrate and soothe dry, itchy scalps, and Celery Seed Extract to help reduce oil production, our hair experts recommend using in a pinch.

Safe to use dry shampoo

You’re better off skipping this unhealthy trend altogether or finding a safer alternative. Dry Texturizing sprays are great options to camouflage a root in need of a wash. But remember to give your scalp a good scrub after using a dry shampoo to make sure those follicles stay clear and ready and able to grow glorious hair.