Header image courtesy of @haileywatsonnn


Want to know the next biggest rising trend in haircuts? Maybe you’ve already seen it all over Instagram, and thought there was a certain je nais se quois about it. Let us tell you all about Invisible Layers.

The modern layered haircut had revamped itself in recent years and is now so much less work. Adding texture and volume without being obvious about it, while keeping the hair seamless and weightless, Invisible Layers are the secret for adding that whole cool-without-trying thing to your haircut in a totally modern way. Gone are the days of choppy step layers. 

This technique works best for fine hair and anyone who wants an effortless wavy look. They're subtle, seamless and almost imperceptible. They give you instant cheekbone definition, compliments all face shapes, and works for all hair types. It’s really the most inclusive haircut imaginable.