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Have you ever thought about getting extensions but you’re not sure of the upkeep? Or that you’re even sure they would be right for you?

Hair extensions offer versatility when it comes to zhuzhing up your hair, whether it’s for added length, extra volume, or a dimensional colour.

But if you’re not taking the time to properly care for your hair at home they can become a matted tangle, dull in texture, and may cause damage to your own hair.

Having a good routine that is easy for you to do every day will set you up for success when it comes to keeping the integrity of your extensions. So if you’re new to the world of extensions, or you’re a seasoned expert. A refresher in care is always in your best interest.

Our extensions specialist Saina shares her expert knowledge when it comes to taking care of your extensions.

Woman with full head of hair extensions by Medulla & Co extensions specialist

Washing and conditioning extensions properly:

When it comes to washing your extensions, don’t be afraid to get in there and thoroughly wash your scalp, you want to continue keeping your hair and scalp healthy by washing away buildup. It’s important to keep the conditioner away from the tape or bonds of your extensions, focusing on the mid-lengths to ends. Conditioner is designed to seal your cuticle and give your hair that silky soft feeling, putting conditioner on the adhesive of your extensions will unbind the extensions from your hair over time.

Medulla & Co extensions specialist installing great lengths extensions

How to detangle extensions:

The biggest tip to keeping your extensions in good shape is to brush them at least twice a day, Saina shares, especially after washing your hair. The proper way to brush extensions is to start brushing from your ends and work your way up towards the scalp, this will help put less stress on the extension bonds and avoid pulling. Using an extensions-safe detangler helps with managing unwanted knots while preventing breakage.

Using the right products for extensions:

There really isn’t a product that you should stay away from, so long as you apply the product with care. Avoid over saturating the tape or bonds of your extensions by not applying directly to the bonds of your extensions, this will cause them to loosen, remove the adhesive, or break the bonds.

Styling your new extensions:

After properly brushing and applying products to your extensions, and always using a heat protector, begin blow drying your hair as you would normally, then heat style with your preferred hot tool, being careful not to clamp your tools on the tape or bonds.

Sleeping with extensions:

When it’s time to sleep, it’s best to tie your hair into a low ponytail or loose braid to further prevent tangling. Sleeping with a silk or satin pillowcase is also highly recommended, not only to protect your extensions, but for your own hair and skin health. Cotton fibers pull and rough up your hair’s cuticle giving you bedhead, while satin pillowcases protect against hair breakage and prevent moisture loss.